Webflow Website Localization

Translate your website and appeal to millions of potential customers around the world.

Create a multilingual Webflow website with Crowdin

Why Crowdin?

Only one app is needed. Install Crowdin’s Webflow app and scan your website. The app extracts all the translatable texts and automatically sends them to your Crowdin project. As a result, all you need is to translate and add the Switch language button.

Easily integrate source texts and translations between Crowdin and your website page with a single click. Keep all translations, track the progress of each language, and connect your team in one place. Only approved strings will display on your website.

Order professional translation from a Vendor's Marketplace on Crowdin, work with an external translation agency, translate on your own, invite your community, use MT engine for non-critical content, or combine translation strategies. Invite members to your Crowdin project, assign languages, and get simultaneous translations.

An information-filled Knowledge Base, Crowdin Community and support 24/7 guarantees you that you will find the answer to any of your questions.

How it works

Step-By-Step Webflow Website Localization with Crowdin’s Webflow App


Create a Crowdin project

Invite team members, store all sources and translations, manage tasks, and monitor the progress in one place.


Scan website content

Webflow (JS Proxy) scans all of your website's texts and uploads them to your Crowdin project automatically.


Start translation process

In Crowdin Editor, translators can contact team members, filter strings, use TM, MT, and Glossary, view a string's context in the actual product or screenshot, and more.


Add a language switcher

To add a language drop-down, add a simple code snippet to the custom code section.

Please note that to add custom code, you need a paid Webflow site plan.


Share translations in a click

Over-the-air delivery allows you to share translations directly from your Crowdin project to your website with one click.

Go ahead to set up the Webflow app in your Crowdin account and start localizing your Webflow website in minutes.

Read docs on how to localize your Webflow website with Crowdin.

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